Wellness Package – 10 Sessions


Number of Sessions: 3
Session Duration: 1 Hour Each
Number of Employees Per Session: 5-20
Location: Virtual & Select In Person Activities Available

This holiday season give the gift of wellness to your team by purchasing a virtual wellness package!

How It Works: After payment, we will contact you to book the date and time for each wellness activity session selected in your order.

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“The Yoga While You Work workshop served as a perfect break from our fast-paced office routine.”

“Thanks to The New Agency and our instructor Paul for a fantastic “Yoga While You Work” session. Zooming in from Bali, Paul led a class he adapted on the fly to suit the skill level of our team, as well as taught us exercises we can incorporate into our work day. We found him to be engaging and thoughtful, and he helped create a serene environment that served as a perfect break from our normal routine. If your team is looking for a special way to incorporate wellness into your company culture, The New Agency can be a great partner.”

Kate Pletcher, CEO

Treehouse Partners

“With the Business Intuition Development workshop, I learned how to harness my intuitive ability to help make better decisions.”

“Wow! I’m so happy I attended the Business Intuition And Development session at the Southland Technology Conference! It focused on using intuition as a guide to help with the decision-making process. The facilitator taught practical ways to trust and enhance our intuitive ability and positivity. Zach is stellar at what he does, and I recommend anyone who cares about having a healthy career lifestyle to take this workshop.”

Mishirika Scott

Project Manager

“The Intuition workshop really served to help calm me and my often over-critical mind.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop that covers using Intuition in Your Career, and took so much away from both the facilitator’s insights and feedback, as well as the experiences of the other participants. I found it quite special and it helped remind me of where I am on the path and that it’s all good (and I can stop being so self-critical about it). Intuition is truly a basic inner-tool that we all have and can strengthen and develop daily.”

Lisa De La O Wyman


“The Mindfullness session helped me bridge what is practical and what is possible with my career goals.”

“I attended The New Agency’s Intuition Workshop which left me with insight on career direction relative to my interests. The facilitator had an intriguing medley of talents that helped me bridge what is practical and what is possible. Learning from him and being able to bounce ideas has been a valuable experience.”

Judy Hwang

Digital Strategist