1-on-1 Guided Meditation

All virtual meditation sessions are offered via Zoom. Please make sure the employee’s computer is ready and able to use Zoom before the session date.



All coaching can take place either Virtually via Zoom or In Person; however, In Person sessions have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.

Fitness: Healthy team members have more energy, less risk of illness, and reduced absenteeism. Treat those who could benefit from special attention to their fitness with our 1-on-1 fitness training sessions. Sessions include goal setting, tracking, and instruction. Yoga, pilates, and bodyweight training are some fitness session types that we offer.

Leadership (Executive): Our 1-on-1 Leadership coaching sessions aim to build more intuitive leaders by exploring self-awareness, active listening, relationships, and the mechanics of intuitive development. Mastering these skills helps team leaders achieve company goals by building authentic allies, understanding individual motivations, and inspiring effective collaboration.

Lifestyle Management: The state of your team’s personal lives effects their job performance.  Our Lifestyle Management coaching includes goal setting, identification of values, and personal development exercises to enable your team members to lead a well-balanced life.

Meditation: Meditation can reduce stress, enhance creativity, and also help develop your team’s sense of purpose. Our meditation guides are trained in a variety of empowering mindfulness disciplines from all over the world.

Nutrition: With your team on the grind every day working to reach business goals it is easy for them to fall into unhealthy eating habits. Our nutrition coaches can work 1-on-1 with members of your team to educate them about nutrition, formulate meal plans, and hold them accountable to their nutrition goals.

Stress Management:  High performance environments combined with the daily challenges that accompany personal life can often lead to stress, which can effect your team’s performance. Our coaches offer a number of stress management techniques, to nurture a healthier and happier team.