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Businesses of all sizes, from early stage startups to established Fortune 500 companies, can reach new heights by implementing a corporate wellness program. Impact of wellness programs are numerous and include:

    • Building Stronger Teams
    • Improving Employee Morale
    • Reducing Stress
    • Increasing Productivity
    • Reducing Health Care Costs
    • Decreasing Turnover
    • Lower Absenteeism

Wellness programs can include a broad array of activities to achieve company wellness goals. Both the goals and activities can be influenced by multiple factors such as culture, industry, and environment. In this Guide To Corporate Wellness In Los Angeles 2021, we are going to cover those factors as they relate to the Los Angeles area, and how to best formulate a wellness strategy that can take advantage of them.


Los Angeles in a word: competitive. The fast-paced lifestyle of the city can lead its workers to wellness challenges such as increased stress, time management difficulties, and poor eating choices.

The nature of life in Los Angeles is high-speed, but other times it can be mind-meltingly slow. Sitting in traffic, waiting in long lines - “hurry up and wait” might as well become the unofficial slogan of our metropolis.

Add this to an infamously high cost of living as well as the daunting task of landing that dream job, when many others want it also, and activities that contribute to personal wellness can easily become neglected.

Cultural Melting Pot
No conversation about Los Angeles is complete, however, without addressing the collaborative, event-driven nature of the LA lifestyle. With a wide range of voices, beliefs, ethnicities, and cultures, the City of Angels has a fountain of opportunity as long as you know the right people, can communicate effectively, and have ample emotional intelligence to cultivate strong interpersonal relationships.

Influence Of The Industries
Entertainment and the performing arts are undoubtedly among the most influential industries in LA. As home to a spectrum of creatives, inhabitants are open to both ancient and new forms of wellness activities that can improve their personal and work lifestyle such as using art and music to manage stress, participating in a juice fast to recalibrate the body, or taking a spirited leadership retreat to hash out the next big company move. Angelenos take an interest in fitness, yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition even though they may falter when making enough time for them.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, and thus requires a diverse portfolio of wellness options to satisfy all of its denizens. From actors to influencers, to those steadily climbing the corporate ladder, personal wellness will grant workers a competitive edge, and businesses can help by implementing a wellness plan with a broad range of engaging and effective activities tailored to meet the needs we’ve explored so far.


Now we’ve identified fitness, stress, nutrition, communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, and other areas that should be of interest when designing a corporate wellness program and setting wellness goals for your company.

When implementing a wellness strategy, the environment is a worthy factor to consider in seeking engaging and effective wellness activities.

The LA Outdoor Environment
One huge benefit of Los Angeles is its diverse natural topography and the wellness opportunities available within a small circumference on the map. You can jog along a sandy beach after a fresh morning juice, and be on a hike in the Santa Monica mountains by the afternoon. Paddleboarding, boating, surfing, kayaking, volleyball, tennis and beach boot camps are just some activities that help increase team fitness while also offering an opportunity to have a change in scenery.

LA’s temperate southern California climate means outdoor activities are a year-round option.

LA Studios & Venues
The vast number of studios with yoga and meditation classes grant additional opportunities for wellness. No matter what part of town you find yourself in, there will be access to lively venues that offer trending fitness classes, including pilates, spin, weight training, and more. The vibrant wellness scene also offers lesser known classes such as sound bathing, sensory deprivation tanks, barre, acroyoga, Platefit aerobics, flying yoga, and even goat yoga.

LA Eating
While the countless restaurants decorated throughout the city may tempt poor eating choices, those who value nutrition can also take advantage of the thriving LA culinary scene. Farmers markets, juice bars, vegan or other diet conscious restaurants, and specialty grocers make it easier than arguably anywhere in the world to adopt and maintain a special eating regime. Corporations can help their team to take advantage of this wealth of options by implementing some nutrition education, meal planning, and even cooking classes into their wellness program mix.

LA People
Between outdoor and indoor activities, there is certainly no shortage of wellness options when it comes to physical fitness. A well-rounded wellness program, however, also takes mental and emotional well-being into consideration.

Los Angeles is rich with the sort of people that are willing to connect one another to opportunities, but it takes soft skills to build a network. The melting pot nature of LA attracts its residents to both teach and learn about how to develop conscious communication, self awareness, and emotional intelligence. Team building activities and presentations on these subjects from industry leaders can serve as excellent integrations to your wellness program activity collection.

Now that we’ve got physical, mental, and emotional wellness accounted for, we can start to piece together a custom plan designed to achieve your business’s wellness goals.

Executives / Leaders / Managers
Executives are constantly on the grind as they work long hours under high pressure conditions that command optimal performance.

LA offers nearly countless opportunities for executives, leaders, and managers to improve their skills by offering leadership presentations, networking events, and personal development workshops in downtown LA, Hollywood, Malibu, Joshua Tree, and many other cities in the area. While these are all activities that should be factored into an executive wellness plan, it would be incomplete without doing something to help these dedicated, and often overworked, team members take a break.

LA hosts a number of amazing day retreat locations, which can vary from day spas, to outdoor recreation, to wine tasting, to museum hopping, and more. At times our corporate leaders could use more than just a day to replenish themselves and so more extensive get-aways like an escape to the tropical island of Bali, or a cruise in the mediterranean, or an African safari, may actually be a worthy investment to avoid risk of burnout. Luckily, flights in and out of LA can readily send those in need of a vacation to anywhere in the world.


So now you have an idea of the benefits of corporate wellness, the unique circumstances that influence various wellness needs in Los Angeles, and ideas for the types of LA-based activities you can incorporate into your wellness program to meet those needs, but where do you go from here?

If only there were a place where you could go to explore a rich collection of wellness activities that were curated by vetted wellness facilitators. Then you’d be able to select which activities fit your wellness needs and adopt them into your custom-tailored wellness plan. That’s where The New Agency comes in. The New Agency is your bridge to corporate wellness. We vet wellness facilitators who offer a broad range of wellness activities and help you build a wellness plan that can set you on a path to achieving your wellness goals.

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