Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should our employee team attend 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions or Corporate Wellness Workshops?
A. The frequency of your tailored corporate wellness program depends on a number of variables such as current employee needs, company budget, and employee availability. Get in contact with us so we can learn more about your company and provide you with customized recommendations.

Q. Where are workshops held?
A. Workshops can be held in a variety of different locations such as virtually, at the work site, at select LA venues, and at outdoor locations; however, certain location options vary based on workshop type and availability.

Q. Do you offer corporate wellness for executives (C-level employees)?
A. Yes! All 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions and Corporate Wellness Workshops are fit for executives who often have an exceptional need for wellness services such as nutrition, fitness, and stress management.

Q. Can I change a time I've booked for a 1-on-1 Coaching Session or Corporate Wellness Workshop?
A. Section 4 of our Client Agreement reads as follows, "4.0 RESCHEDULING BY CLIENT. Once the Client delivers payment to the Agency for one or more Services, the Client has an opportunity to reschedule said Services without additional fees if done so within 7 days that the relevant Service is actually scheduled to take place (“Timely Reschedule”). A Timely Reschedule must be delivered within a seasonable time by notice via any of the communication methods defined in this Agreement. Upon delivery of notification of a Timely Reschedule by the Client, the Parties shall work together to determine an appropriate time to reschedule the Service."

Please Contact Us if you are interested in rescheduling a 1-on-1 Coaching Session or Corporate Wellness Workshop.

Q. Where can I learn about your Facilitators?
A. We are currently working on developing a more in-depth Facilitator page, which will include a short bio of each active Facilitator under contract with The New Agency.

Q. Can I choose the facilitator for my workshop?
A. It’s possible. You can request a specific Facilitator to host your workshop as long as they are currently active and available at the time you have booked.

Q. Are you open to contracting with Facilitators for other types of services not listed?
A. Yes. We are actively exploring different 1-on-1 Coaching and Workshop types that can meet the Corporate Wellness needs of our clients. If you have a Corporate Wellness service in mind feel free to Contact Us and tell us about it!

Q. Do you offer ongoing corporate wellness programs that include a variety of your Services?
A. Yes. We offer ongoing Corporate Wellness Programs tailored to meet your team’s corporate wellness needs! For more information about Corporate Wellness Programs, Contact Us today!

Q. Will we record virtual sessions? Who owns the rights to the recordings, if so?
A. By default we won’t be recording. Under certain circumstances, however, we may wish to record: (1) for advertising/promotional purposes; (2) so that The New Agency, Facilitator, or Client (Employee) can monitor Employee progress; (3) for Facilitator review and professional development; or (4) for the purpose of creating digital products.

Before recording any session, we will first obtain permission from the client, the relevant employees, and the Facilitator with disclosure about how we plan to use those recordings. In the event we decide to make digital products, we will most likely negotiate special terms between the Facilitator in order to do that.

In some cases, The New Agency may have full ownership of the recordings; however, in other cases we may not. For example, a Facilitator & Client (Employee) might want to monitor the progress of the Employee’s flexibility throughout the course of a series of 1-on-1 Fitness sessions. In that case both the Facilitator and Employee will need to record and review sessions. It could be that the Facilitator and Employee both have privacy rights with respect to the recording, but the Employee holds the right to destroy it.

The circumstances surrounding recording and who has what rights (ownership, usage, distribution, viewing, sale) with respect to the same will initially be taken on a case by case basis and the terms may vary.